Three Rromani poems on pain and sorrow (… what else?) (III)

This post continues two previous ones, with the same heading, presenting my translations into Catalan of some Rromani poems from “Dukh” (Pain), by Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić.

(For an introductory explanation and a concise biographical note about the author, please follow this link.)


Nashav prdal pe livadjina thaj plajinaka

Von chingaren thaj traden man.

Nashav prdal pe pajorra thaj dorjava

Von chingaren thaj traden man.

Shorale, phakale, lole guguja dandalen man.

Kale cherma crden man.

Limali, lenaki char phangel man.

Loli, lenaki luludji pusavel man.

Perav. Nashav.

Perav. Nashav.

Melalo, kalo, chichidino pajorro nakhavel man.

Tasavav ma.

Rromani, phakali chirikli ikalel man,

Ando parno them idjarel man.


Jo fujo

Jo fujo per praderies i muntanyes.

Ells m’assalten i m’encalcen.

Fujo a través de torrents i rieres.

Ells m’ataquen i m’encalcen.

Insectes vermells, alats, cabuts, em pessiguen.

Cucs negres em xuclen.

Algues llefiscoses m’amanollen.

Humides flors vermelles se m’arrapen.

Caic. Fujo.

Caic. Fujo.

Aigües negres, brutes, espesses, m’arrosseguen.


L’ocell màgic dels Rroma em rescata,

I em porta cap un món pur.

[Traducció d’Ari Fontrodona, 2016]


PS. [by Li Fontrodona] – The English version of this poem, as provided in “Dukh”, shows a couple of important errors (verses 2 and 4) and several inaccuracies. Thereby I present here Ari’s own translation -finished by me-, more faithful and adjusted to the Rromani original:


I Flee

I flee over meadows and mountains.

They assault me and chase me.

I flee through brooks and rivers.

They attack me and chase me.

Big-headed, winged, red insects bite me.

Black worms suck me.

Slimy vines imprison me.

Wet red flowers stick to me.

I fall down. I flee.

I fall down. I flee.

Black, thick, filthy water overtakes me.

I’m drowning.

The magic bird of the Rroma rescues me,

And carries me to the clean world.

[Translated by Ari & Linus Fontrodona, 2016]

3 thoughts on “Three Rromani poems on pain and sorrow (… what else?) (III)

  1. Thanks lovingly , John. I’m certain that she feels the thoughts that inspire these words of yours . Surely her soul thrills when you address her with this most loved nickname 🙂 It touches me too that you’ve put it here . Big Hugs !


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